Avoid Over-brusing Your Teeth – Alhambra, CA

Posted November 14th, 2011 by Dr. Chao and filed in Gum Recession, Healthy Gums, Over-brushing

Over-brushing your teeth can occur with overly vigorous brushing, as you know.  However what is not well-known is that gum recession can also occur by using a hard toothbrush, abrasive toothpaste or not being careful with the electric tooth brush.  If you already have gum recession, use a softer tooth brush with non-abrasive toothpaste.  Before you have the opportunity to consult with a professional, you may use the “roll technique”, which calls for gently rolling the tooth brush from the gum to the teeth.  Don’t use the electric tooth brush as if you are brushing with a hand-held tooth brush.  You may be double brushing your teeth and gum and thereby cause “electric toothbrush abrasion.”  Hold the electric tooth brush gently against the surface you desire to clean.  Use the lightest pressure possible on the handle.  Don’t move the brush up and down or back and forth.  Slowly and gently move the electric toothbrush from place to place.  The electric tooth brush is already cleaning your teeth.  Putting more pressure on the handle will only produce damage to the roots and the gums.   Doubling the “pressure” does not double the fun!

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