Smile Makeover – Get That Beautiful Smile You’ve Always Wanted!

Where a minor correction is not sufficient to obtain great results, dental veneers can be a consideration. Veneers are basically porcelain shells that are meant to correct imperfections in color, shade, shape or arrangement of the front teeth. There are numerous techniques and materials by which veneers are made. What is appropriate for you depends on your smile.

Dr. Chao will study your smile by various means. Impressions, photographs and X-rays are often needed. From this information Dr. Chao will often do a mock-up with temporary, life-like material directly on your teeth, as if he was doing bonding on your teeth. In a short time you will see in three-dimension on your own teeth what veneers can do for you. You can judge for yourself what veneers can do for you and more importantly, how you want the veneers to look.