Treatment for TMJ Disorders – Alhambra, CA

Posted December 29th, 2011 by Dr. Chao and filed in TMJ Treatment

Many people suffer from problems related to the jaw muscles or jaw joints. Treatments for TM disorders may vary, based on your individual diagnosis.

Part of the clinical examination includes checking the jaw area for tenderness, clicking, popping or difficulty in jaw movement.

Dr. John Chao offers the latest in technology to help in the treatment and diagnosis of TMJ.

TM disorders have many signs and symptoms such as:

  • Pain in or around the ear, sometimes spreading to the face
  • Tenderness in the jaw muscles
  • Clicking or popping noise when one opens or closes the mouth
  • Difficulty in opening one’s mouth
  • Jaws that “get stuck”, “lock”, or “go out”
  • Pain brought on by yawning, chewing or opening the mouth widely
  • Certain types of headaches or neck-aches

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