Using Coronoplasty to Re-shape Teeth With Bonding & Immediate Reconstruction – Alhambra, CA

Posted November 14th, 2011 by Dr. Chao and filed in Uncategorized

Another relatively inexpensive smile makeover procedure that is very popular with our patients is a unique method that Dr. Chao has developed to treat crowded or “crooked” front teeth. Where the patient does not have the time or the ability to pay for orthodontic treatment, Dr. Chao may offer “enamel-plasty.” After carefully studying impressions of the teeth and in-depth pre-planning, Dr. Chao painlessly re-sculptures the enamel (outer hard layer) of the teeth such as shortening sharp edges, thinning out corners that stick out and leveling out parts of teeth that are too far out. In a short appointment our patients see a dramatic difference that is very pleasing. It is also very good for the function of the teeth, because the “high spots” are removed. Patients can smile better, and yet feel much better with a better bite.